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Onida Split Acs

Posted by monty Alexander on July 22, 2013

Onida ACs at Your Summer Rescue!

Onida is one of the finest split ac manufactures thriving successfully since its inception in the industry. Along with producing a swarm of praiseworthy electronic products and home appliances, this brand has mastered in blending cutting edge technology with superior innovation inside its split air conditioners. That’s why the brand has a wide spread recognition across the globe. Split ACs of this brand has a good great variety that will surely leave you spoiled for choice. All you have to do is to choose according to the theme of ambience where you are gonna keep it. From energy efficient ones to instant cooling units, every type is there in Onida’s offer bouquet

Beat the Summer with Onida!

If you delve into the variety of Onida Split Acs, then you will find some prominent types and they are- Smart Inverter ACs, Pre-Cool range, Multiflow AC, Twincool, iCool range and Lifestyle range. When you need an ac that can understand your pocket and can act as an energy-efficient machine, bring home Smart Inverter ACs. The most stylish, innovative and luxurious models of Onida split air conditioner belong to the Pre-Cool range segment. They are the best ones to enhance the beauty of your room. World’s first Pre-Cool technology has been used in these models to make the aura comfortable just quickly. 4-way Air Flow Technology is the highlighted feature of Multiflow ACs under the hood of Onida. That’s why you can surely expect uniform and instant cooling from these models. The specialty of Twincool ACs is to cool down two rooms alternately via their microprocessor based I-BMX technology. iCool range delivers instant gush of cool air enriched with features like 5-Speed Cooling and One-touch Auto Climate control. And when you just want to enhance your living style, pick premium quality Lifestyle range and compliment seamless comfort right in and around your room. Such powerful and efficient performance of Onida ACs will always keep you surprised and contented.


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