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Tefal Irons

Posted by monty Alexander on July 22, 2013

A World Leader in Non-Stick cookware history, Tefal has been offering a splendid range of products since 1956 and its journey started when Marc Gregoire, a French Engineer invented a process for bonding PTFE (PolyTetraFluorEthylene) with Aluminum thus making the first Non-Stick Pan. It was in 1956 when the Tefal company was formed in Sarcelles, France and it first invented the first non-stick frying pan and literally created the non-stick cookware category. With this first invention, the company not only made the average cook’s life easy but also took its first step towards a long journey of innovation and creation which continues even now. The company has become a worldwide leader in non-stick cookware manufacturing worldwide and is a world leader in a diversified range of products like pressure cookers, electrical cooking appliances, food and beverage preparations and irons and scales. The company offers ingenious products making cooking simpler, easier and faster and its history is marked with world class innovations that are now being aped by a number of other appliance manufacturers.
In the year 1981, Tefal launched a world exclusive and brought a breakthrough in the Iron market. This product was the iron fitted with an electronic thermostat and was a huge success and brought about a revolutionary change in the way the world perceived the irons. Today the company offers state of the art ironing products at extremely competitive prices and makes sure you get the perfectly ironed clothes with minimum efforts put in. the company’s range of irons is divided into Steam Generators and Steam Irons. While the Steam Generators are the more sophisticated if the lot and halve your ironing time with double the steam, the Steam Irons too offer a wide range of products with a string of impressive and useful features. The Steam Generators include Protect Anti-Calc Auto-clean, Pro Express Turbo Anti Calc Auto Clean, Pro Minute Aquaplus Anti Calc, Express Anti Calc, Express Compact Anti Calc and Express Compact products, the steam iron includes the ultimate autoclean, Aquaspeed Ultracord, Ultragliss Easy Cord and Supergliss range of products. Both the ranges are designed to give professional and effortless ironing. People who are more used to a lower budget segment of products might find the price of teflon products a bit on the higher side however, the quality and standards of the products are such that you wouldn’t really mind paying a tad bit more from your pocket.


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