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Online Shopping in India

Posted by monty Alexander on September 27, 2013

Online Shopping in India

Treads of shopping have changed over the years in our country. The shop-o-holic’s have transformed their way of buying goods with the changing times. Invention of world of online stores have made the shopping very easy and connivent. Now, even the smallest of things can be bought by just accessing internet with the help of a computer, table or even a smartphone at any point of time as online portals accept orders 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Still in our country, largest section of people prefer to way onto closest shop and buy from those shops with their limited stocks. This trend was altered to some extent with by the advent of shopping mall culture which saw a boom in last decade. Families and friends stared to go for outing in these malls and enjoying shelling out there money in those malls. Groups of college friends started hanging out in malls and purchasing luxurious brands products which where all available under one roof.

Off late there their has been a drastic rise has been notice in the online shopping in India. Online shopping has been posing threat to the traditional retail shop. Online shopping gaining popularity as in offers verity of products under same category under different price brackets. These products can easily be compared by the prospective buyer before making his decision. Website provide complete information related to product which make buying process easy and the buyer does not have to deal with irritating retailer and he can make his own decision. With the help of online portal a person can buy products from all across the world sitting at home and the product will be deliver to him at the stipulated time. This make our lives worry free in this fast paced world.

Earlier these online stores where preferred for shopping by people leadings lives in urban centers but with the time as the reach of internet has soured in the country and people are becoming more and more aware about virtual megastores. Almost everyday a new webstore emerges in this online world. Online megastores such as Naptol, Flipkart, Homeshop18 and other similar portals have been offering wide range of products from electronics to music CD. From dish washers to Cloths all these can be bought from a single website without making adjustments in onces busy schedule. Now days portals addressing to particular category are on the rise. Websites such as Fistcry & Lenskart cater to a selected category.


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Wear Your Attitude in Style – Range of Branded Belts at

Posted by monty Alexander on September 10, 2013

Belt as a fashion accessory has gained huge amount of popularity in the past few years. Youngsters especially have a collection of belts matching their attires, shoes and even bags. And with the rising fashion trend and sense, you can’t be called stylish if you are not carrying a good belt on your clothing. endows its chic and classy customers with an amazing collection of belts under famous brands like Fastrack, Wrangler, Diesel and more. These belts come in various colors for both men and women. You can use them with shirts, tops and dresses and create a whole new look. For guys looking forward for an important business meet, carrying a good branded belt with your formals is a really good and impressive way of dressing. And for women, different styles of belts just add to beauty by enhancing their figure and style. By just adding a belt as an accessory, you can see a completely transformed look which is more fashionable and classy. offers you quality products with distinct styles, range and under a very affordable price. There is great range of belts with unique styles and designs catering to needs of all girls and guys. You can even earn Naaptol reward points with every purchase for benefits in the later stages.

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Fastrack Watches Price in India

Posted by monty Alexander on September 5, 2013

Let Time Define your Style- Fastrack Watches

Watches are no more an equipment to keep a check on time. They have evolved into a style icon that defines your personality and taste. With number of brands entering into this category, we have seen a varied collection of watches falling under high end brands to low pricing companies. The various brands available in the market are infinite but some of the popular ones include Titan, Maxima, Casio, Tissot, Guess, Fastrack, Tommy Hilfiger and much more. Fastrack is one of the brands that has gained success and attention of the customers very diligently and in a fun way. With its super funny and well scripted advertisement and a range of watches for every casual occasion, it has successfully managed to sway away hearts. Fastrack as a brand endows its customers with a lot of different styles, designs and trend setting watches that too under a very reasonable range. Their watches are bright and casual and also subtle and formal depending on your attire and the big occasion. With their styles being updated every now and then, you are sure to get the latest and trend setting styles with every new launch. Fastrack is a youth brand and will change your perception of wearing a watch. It focuses on great quality and reliable performance.

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Lenovo Essential C240 57316167 All In One

Posted by monty Alexander on September 3, 2013

Lenovo’s Well-Groomed Technology- C240 57316167 All In One!


Being one of the crafters of state-of-the-art devices, the brand- Lenovo possess the aptitude of doing wonders with machines and technology. Lenovo Essential C240 57316167 is purely made out of the upscale techniques and innovations that the brand is dealing with for years. Check out Naaptol’s electronic appliances category of its online catalog to pick this product right away and to go through its overviews. Nourished with the super effective Celeron Dual Core Processor of Intel, the laptop promises a great many things to the users. DOS operational platform is also moderately good to handle lots of chores at one fell swoop. 2 GB DDR3 RAM makes the machine absolutely compatible with any heavy apps and bulky games running on it.


Lenovo understands the needs and demands of today’s consumers. That is why the brand has not compromised stuffing this laptop with all the sturdy and durable things of the ongoing era. You can play big sized games or you can watch full HD movies on and on without finding any difficulty on this C240 57316167 All In One. An ergonomic keyboard is also enhancing its beauty for easy and convenient typing. 500GB inbuilt hard disk drive of the laptop is absolutely enough for anyone to store hoards of contents and data. Yes, on Naaptol you will get fair and detailed reviews and can make a wise decision.

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