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Online Shopping Trend In India

Posted by monty Alexander on August 13, 2013

Shopping is in the mind of Indian people especially women, every now and then. They just don’t look for a reason to shop for, whether its weekend or any special occasion they head towards the market and spend lavishly. The trend of buying directly from the markets has got obsolete now as people have been getting busier with their works now-a-days. That’s where online shopping comes into picture.

Online shopping is the need of the hour. The most important thing regarding online shopping is that you don’t need to rush to the markets and then haggle with the sellers and waste your time to end up getting exhausted. Online shopping facilitates you with all products of your choice at a single platform. You can choose from varieties of colors & designs as per latest fashion trends and most importantly at minimal prices.

The online shopping market is getting more competitive as bigger players like Naaptol, Flipkart, OLX and Flickr have entered into this field. But the end beneficiary is the consumer who gets a lot of options to choose at his own price that too at his doorsteps. The only thing you need to do is search three or four popular e-commerce portals, choose your best deal and place an order.

The online shopping portals were earlier limited to the clothes, books and other low cost accessories but as the market has been expanding the service providers have introduced more products into their gamut i.e. Cameras, Laptops, Mobiles, Home Appliances and much more. Anything you name, you can easily get it online that too within a period of 2- 3 days.

The online shopping portals have now been expanding their network to smaller cities and towns where people have limited access to the bigger markets. Now a student in smaller towns, preparing for IAS gets to study the same books and material what a Delhi student gets. It is all because of the advent of the online shopping in India.

There are many other benefits of online shopping as well. The risk of getting cheated has almost vanished as you pay only after you get your order. So it has made shopping an enjoyable experience for the people, they want to shop again and again as they are more satisfied and steadily getting used to of it.

Nobody can deny the fact that India is the hottest destination for online shopping as Indians are shopaholic. They just want to keep on shopping regardless of where they are living or what they want to buy, everything is available online. In true sense, online shopping has given the freedom to people to choose the best and reject the best.


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Posted by monty Alexander on August 8, 2013

The internet world has is a circle that involves complexity and versatility. Most of our work including browsing, e-mailing, transactions and more can be conveniently done online. Majority of people have a life revolving around a computer system for every minute work. The only thing that troubles them is the competent viruses that fight against the performance making your system weak and dull. Although some viruses can only do so little to computers, other viruses have been known to harm the memory disks, steal personal information and can make computer systems crash. So to rescue you from all these troubles, there is a range of antivirus software at that ensures a guarded effect to all your computing needs. Antivirus software is a vital component that will help boost the efficiency of the computer system.
With a number of topmost antivirus software available with Naaptol, you can keep your computer system safe and protected

Some of the best computer antivirus software made available to Naaptol customers are Kaspersky Antivirus 2013, AVG Antivirus 2013, Norton Antivirus 2013, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2013 and more. These anti virus software are available at a very affordable range as compared to the high rates outside in the market and give you complete guarantee. So without any delay, install the best Antivirus software in your system today and have a hassle free and smooth computing experience.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 N5100 – makes your life simpler and easer

Posted by monty Alexander on August 8, 2013


Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 N5100 is one of the best tablets available in the market attracting large number of customers with its excellent features and performance. This Samsung tablet not only looks good in its appearance but also make your life easier and simpler where ever you go. This device is relevantly configured with the latest specification which facilitates fast and smooth functioning of Tab without jeopardizing.

The Structure and viewing experience

As far as the design is concerned, the gadget has a white colored, plastic construction with glossy finish and having silver edging around the sides. If you prefer the metal body as of the iPad mini then you this is the point where you won’t get impressed. With 8mm thick, 210mm long, 136mm wide and 340g weight, it’s easy to hold in one hand without any snag. You will also find a power button, volume button, headphone jack, and a micro-USB port on its sides. Talking about its display, it doesn’t share the Super AMOLED Plus screens as other Samsung tablets do. It is coupled with regular touch screen TFT technology which isn’t inevitably a bad thing. The Note 8’s screen has a less flashy color palette with average contrast and unspectacular ppi. But still it gets the job done. Text, graphics, images and videos still looks vivid, and it’s also bright enough to please your eyes.Samsung-Galaxy-Note-8.0-N5100-1

Easy way to express your imagination

This Samsung tablet is best suited for the thinkers and the dreamers. Just write down the thought whatever clicks your mind and chalk out a concept out of it. The device helps you to manage your ideas in such a way that shows up your creativity wherever you get an inspiration. Make your notes and create surprising presentations easily with templates provided by the tab making your ideas stand out of the crowd. This is one such tab that simply looks perfect in your hand giving a presentation at office, playing games on the way, or enjoying a movie at home.

Awesome reading experience

This device offers you a convenient reading experience in all lighting conditions providing perfect tone and illumination.

Hence, you can now engage yourself in reading a book in any environment. Moreover, with the facility to annotate straightaway with the S pen, reading has never been so enjoyable and interesting as it is now with Note 8.0 N5100.

Perform Multi-tasking with ease

Make your tab’s lifestyle better by performing multi-window functions at the same time while on a call. Check your emails, browse internet, write down important notes, and so on – all these things can be done with ease simultaneously without the need of switching apps.

The famous Stylus

 The S-Pen that comes attached with the phone is not a common pen. It’s a magic wand rather. You can use it to make the selections and for extensive navigation.  It also supports the ‘Air View’ feature that shows you the foretastes of any file just by hovering a finger over it.

The battery life

The tablet comes with 4600mAh Battery that lasts throughout the day to accompany you wherever you go providing you maximum entertainment and fun.

Price and availability

 Galaxy Note 8.0 N5100 is one of the best Samsung tablets in India.  Grab it online from at a discounted price and get ready to walk with the modern technological era. This tab is your true companion wherever you go. Whatever you demand, Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 N5100 just present the same chore in front of you to keep you trouble-free.

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Apple iPhone 4 CDMA

Posted by monty Alexander on August 8, 2013

Apple iPhone 4 with a Treat of CDMA!


It wasn’t even a year of launching iPhone 4 that Apple has added the CDMA flavor in its edition. What more can you expect from this world-class gadget brand? Well, Apple has an instinctive tendency to offer gizmos that are simply beyond your expectations! And to answer your quest for this fresh Apple device, Naaptol has added it to its offering list. Bingo! Now, you can also have a fair idea what specialty this gizmo truly has to entice you. The spec list is almost the same as before. Apple kept the features of its 3.5” backlit IPS TFT capacitive Retina Display screen, sleek and fantastic dimension of 115.2×58.6×9.3 mm, matte-finished frame, 5.0-megapixel digital clicker, iOS 4.2.5, etc. completely undisturbed in iPhone 4 CDMA’s spec list too. What will win your heart is its additional facility to work on CDMA networking without a glitch.

Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4


Know more on Naaptol and take the best performance from this amazing Apple iPhone. Here you will acknowledge the tidbits regarding each of its features and facilities. There are two versions available in the market and that are of 16 GB and 32 GB. Choose according to your need for storage capacity. And yes, they are all obtainable from the site of Naaptol

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For the Best Video Chatting Experience – Range of Top Web Cameras at

Posted by monty Alexander on August 7, 2013


With the growing innovation in technology we have been equipped with so many things that we could have never imagined. Webcams are one such discovery. Never have we thought chatting and seeing each other across the miles we were gifted with an amazing gadget like a webcam. Now even your business deals can be communicated via this magical gadget. More than luxury, it has now become a necessity, as it is a medium to connect families separated by distances and who never saw each other for years. offers you a wide range of Web cams to choose from. With superb quality, multi features and high performance, you can just connect these webcams to any of your computing device and you are good to go.

Web Cameras

Web Cameras
 showcases amazing and high quality webcams like Logitech HD Webcam C270, Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910, IPEVO Point 2 View USB Camera, D-Link DCS930L Wireless N Network Camera, Microsoft LifeCam Studio 1080p and more. For your ease and convenience, they come with great discounts and deals at Naaptol.  So choose the appropriate one according to your needs and  take a slice of inventive thinking.

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Spice Stellar Virtuoso Pro Mi-491 – Naaptol

Posted by monty Alexander on August 6, 2013

A Stunner from Spice Brood!

 We all know how Spice has marked a prestigious niche in the Smartphone industry and has started celebrating its inventive nature by producing unique handsets in the market. Despite of being an entry-level Smartphone innovator, Spice promises more with its Spice Stellar Virtuoso Pro Mi-491. This ultra-new model of Spice comes out of the box being jam-packed with so many useful features that are simply more than your expectation. Its Android v4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system will give you buttery smooth performance while 512 MB RAM and 1 GHz Dual Core Processor jointly will speed up the operational pace. No need to carry two different handsets as this Spice smart phone can accommodate two 3G SIMs. And yes, you don’t have look for this amazing handheld device everywhere in the world but on Naaptol.


Amongst the budget-friendly yet high-caliber mobile phones, you can gleefully count the Spice Stellar Virtuoso Pro Mi-491 as it offers features and facilities just like high end Smartphones. And still it deals with a low price bracket. Well, the price range differs site to site. On Naaptol, you can get it with the best possible price rate. Moreover, here you can have a fair idea about all its technical and feature packed sides from the reviews and thus can take more out of this single device. So with Pro Mi-491, sense the bliss just a tap away!

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom SM-C1010 – Naaptol

Posted by monty Alexander on August 6, 2013

Zoom it All!

 Need a Smartphone and a digital camera with flawless zooming and snapping quality? Samsung is calling all the shutterbugs this time with the essence of digital snappers in an exquisite Smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom SM-C1010 is just the fulfillment of a dream and is a perfect fusion of a digital camera and a state-of-the-art mobile phone. From its aesthetical outward charm to its excellent inner functionalities, the device is meant to quench your thirst for eye-popping photography along with handling multitude of chores simultaneously. Laden with features like 4.3 Inches Super AMOLED Capacitive Touch screen with qHD quality, Android v4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) operating platform and 1.5 GHz Cortex-A9 Dual Core Processor with the grand support of 1.5 GB RAM, this intelligently innovated palm sized gizmo renders a perpetual flow of happiness to its owners. Having this unique and exclusive quintessential from Samsung’s Galaxy brood, Naaptol is boastfully making it available on the pre-booking orders far before its launching date of 16-Aug-13.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom SM-C1010

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom SM-C1010



Say “Wow” to its 10x Optical Zoom that captures every fine detail of an image and makes every snap shot extremely real and yes, adorable. Combined with 16 M BSI CMOS Sensor, its digital clicker of 16 MP comes out with upshots that are simply brilliant. Low-lit condition also cannot influence the natural essence of the snap shot you are taking with it. Every outcome of its snapper can beat the quality that a real digital camera generally provides. Blessed with latest software and machinery inside, this gadget will always win your heart. Thanks to Naaptol where you can find the detailed overview and previews on this exceptional Smartphone cum digital camera!

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Duos I9192 – Naaptol

Posted by monty Alexander on August 6, 2013

‘Mini’ Package of Delights!


Even after the launch of Galaxy S4, Samsung is still experimenting with its broods. And this is how the upscale handset of Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Duos I9192 has appeared in the marketplace. On Naaptol it is available with the best market price rate. Featuring spectacular aspects like 4.3 inch qHD AMOLED display, Android 4.2.2 Jelly bean, 8 MP rear snapper, 1.7 GHz Dual Core Processor and a powerful 1.5 GB RAM this Smartphone is an unquestionable vanquisher. Dual SIM carriage facility comes integrated with this handset, which will surely impress you. A stamina battery of 1,900 mAh capacity nourishes this exclusively designed mobile phone like a boss and fuels its energy always up.


If you are craving to go through an ultra smooth Android familiarity, then this Smartphone is ideal pick for you so far. Those with the dream of S4 in eyes can also take a glimpse over this small version of S4 on And who knows you can make your mind in favor of S4 Mini Duos I9192. Skinned with a swarm of features and sensors, this palm sized gizmo renders the joy of operating with an unmatched speed and ease. The fun rolls out of its surprise package when you start sensing its Air Gestures facility. Samsung truly packed little delights right inside this single gadget. A ‘mini’ tech-wonder!

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Naaptol – Apple iPhone 4s 32GB

Posted by monty Alexander on August 6, 2013

The Royal Handset in Smartphones Planet!


As per the market reputation, Apple needs no explanation of its success story. In this running era, there are only two pioneering Smartphone manufacturers crafting state-of-the-art handsets with unmatched innovations and technology, Samsung and Apple. This time, Apple’s iPhone 4S is giving a dare to Samsung’s Galaxy S2. No doubt, the brand has shaped its handset with all possible and earthly charisma that just soothes the eyes from the very first sight. Once you find this product on Naaptol, you will get to read every petite detail of the phone and can explore it brilliantly thereafter.

Apple’s signature screen quality of Retina Display responds intuitively besides showing you some truly breath-taking pictures with 960×640 screen resolution. You can surely be enthralled after using its 8 MP digital clicker with amazing and creative snapping features. 1080p HD Video recording is also possible with this handset. Moreover, its dual core ARM Cortex-A9 processor works flawlessly with the full-fledged support of 512 MB RAM. Also, store anything of your choice in its 32 GB big stomach. Icing on the cake, iOS 5 operating system makes every operation smoother and better. Grab this exquisitely designed gizmo from Naaptol and enjoy a safe and sound online transaction while you shop your heart out.

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Mobiles Online shopping from Naaptol

Posted by monty Alexander on August 5, 2013

Ah!  There you are searching for new , advanced smartphones  launched recently in market arena.  One is always keen at looking at the precise details of whichever phone you are buying , online shopping here at NAAPTOL will provide will such fine  detailing that you will surely bookmark this site for further purchasing.   Self shopping does provide with much detailing but looking at the pros and cons , one might elevate the pros and let you buy the deal while hiding much of the cons.  Online shopping gives you the transparency as well the joy of just sitting at home with headphones on  surfing the variety of handsets preferring the price range . the exact ,fine features you are looking for and with no such outing in hot , humid ,traffic jammed  Delhi .

In  this so busy world where one is not having time to meet some-one-special , how can u expect one spending time knowing the detailing  of a smartphone but people who value money and who cares about the handset which has now become the icon of your personality , I m sure  doesn’t want to be turned down in public or in front of their friends. Online shopping expertise  in providing the user with wide range of categories so that one may find the  desired phone either based on their price range, the camera obsessed people round, the core –processors and all other functions.   Shopping online  don’t u think is more comforting and relaxing as it provides you  not only with wide range of options to choose from but also there is a facility for home delivery as well..

Yes. You do not even have to go and pick the product from any outlet or so but rather online websites provide feature of delivery right at your place  with cash right  on delivery.  Online sites concentrates on users- comfort and satisfaction i.e  one has the whole right to look over the product when delivered at his/her place and when satisfied shall pay !    and one must not forget that shopping online not only provide  you with choosing and delivering at your place but also deals with providing the sale, various discount offers which are acquainted to user as they shop online. The user doesn’t even have to search for them as the makers of online sites who believes in the users comfort flashes the discount  offers  on sites vibrantly. People thus looking for their handsets, tablets are also comforted with the discount offers .  Self shopping may not provide you with such facility for sure.

You might go to stores now and then to check or wait for any newspaper advertisement or pamphlet or any festival for discount offers. People who look for second hand handsets might not be cheated with the online sites as the might be in the retail shop eagerly waiting for a customer to sell their non so sold second hand set. E-shopping will provide its user with all the exact detailing of crashes and repair done in the smartphone you want.  Like being comforted with the power of internet in this modern world online shopping is now the facility one is looking for , you can turn over and over through different brands  , through different sites . through different ranges and offers and  even bookmark them for comparisons of their pros and cons. Thus enjoy the power of e-shopping!! And keep naaptolling : )

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